Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Article Ideas

Here are my 2009 Article Ideas

  • Friendship Evangelism Makes Me Sick 
  • The Chillax (Chill & Relax) Method of Evangelism 
  • An Interactive Faith with an Interactive God 
  • The Priesthood of Unbelievers 
  • Secondary Church Plant Leaders 
  • Play Evangelism (hangin out for Jesus?) 
  • Organized Miracles (how miracles can flow through organization) 
  • Barnabus - The Invisible Church Planter  
  • Is God Proactive or Reactive? 
  • The pursuit of God-ordained passions. 
  • Personal Philanthropy
  • The Preacher Gave Me the Finger (it's not the one your thinking)
My goal is to write one a month. How's that going you ask? I'm already a month behind. :)

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