Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Investing in You as a Person

Cara said this to me last night. The context was I requested Coke Zero from the grocery store per my sugar fast with my Pastor Jon Hammond. My request was for one 12 oz - 20 oz bottle. One drink. Cara brought back a 12 fridge pack of 12 oz cans. I said, "I really only wanted one." Her response, "I'm investing in you as a person. If buying you a case of zero calorie soda keeps you from eating donuts at work, then it's worth it." Wow. I've never seen marriage as an investment in another person. Maybe more marriages would be saved if we all viewed our marriages this way (example: Fire Proof movie, Love Dare book). Perhaps all of our relationships should be viewed this investment in another person.

The result? I've only had one of the Coke Zero's today and have not been tempted by sugar at all. This investment makes me want to give Cara a greater return on her investment. Her return? A healthier Monty.

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Relevant Life Church said...

I just might have to try a coke zero now...