Friday, April 02, 2010

The Five S's of my Weight Loss

Several people have been asking me what I've been doing to lose weight. So, here are my "secrets". I call them my Five S's.

1. No Sugar - I've been avoiding sugar like the plague.
2. No Seconds - The hardest one for me. I love to eat, so eating "normal" portions has been a challenge. I've come up with a silent prayer for this, "God, help me to honor you in my eating." It helps.
3. No Soda - I was drinking a lot of diet sodas and other no calorie drinks. When I cut these out, my weight loss took off. This is not to say that I don't enjoy a Coke Zero or sugar free lemonade every once in a while. Just not everyday.
4. No Sitting - I've been walking with friends at work and trying to become more active. The nice weather lately has help with this.
5. Sip Water - Not only am trying to drink a lot of water, I'm trying to drink it throughout the day. This has been a hard one also because sometimes I want to drink something with some taste.

Although I've stumbled on all points here and there, but the important thing is that I've tried to stay on track (another S?). So when I mess up, I get back to the focus of losing weight as quickly as possible.

Perhaps another important point is that I've told people about what I'm going through. I've been posting my progress via Twitter and Facebook. The encouragement and feedback that I receive helps. I also have mini goals along the way. Every 20 pounds I get a small reward. This way the next reward is only a few pounds away and not completely out of reach. When I hit my ultimate goal, I get to purchase an iPhone.

These are the "how's". Maybe I'll do a post later on the "why's". See you in a few pounds!

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terry said...

That is so awesome Monty....Keep up the good work.I to Have cut out all sugar no soda. Just water and tea and some v8 .... I do a 30 minute workout daily...which helps alot.....Proud of you ...Smiles...