Friday, June 04, 2010

The Cage of Guilt

A Rooster's Crow - Chapter 5 from Mark Batterson's Wild Goose Chase.

A critical personality is often born out of psychological insecurity. We criticize in others what we don't like about ourselves. (94)

We become so fixated on past mistakes that we forfeit future opportunities. (95)

He [Satan] wants to remind you of your greatest failures over and over again. (97)

...the heights of grace are attainable only after experiencing the depths of guilt.

We can't appreciate the full extent of God's grace until we realize the full extent of our sin. (99)

Start praying for the difficult people in your life, and it will change the way you feel about them. (100)

Thank God for the pressure valve called prayer. (101)

...the Enemy's attacks become counterproductive when we counteract them with prayer. (102) I would add to this prayer and Scripture and even praying Scripture.

If you want to impact someone's life, love them when they least expect it and lease deserve it.

Do you deserve the grace of God? (104)

God's love is proactive. (105)

...forgiveness is the way we unplug from the past.

A tiny seed of bitterness turns into a forest of unforgiveness. (106)

But He [Jesus] did more than heal someone who had come to crucify Him; He also destroyed the evidence against Peter.

Through His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus destroyed the evidence against us.

It's like Jesus says, "You give Me all of your sin. I'll give you all of My righteousness. And we'll call it even." (109)
What a trade! Especially when you consider that our righteousness is like used tampons.

...all of us have guilty secrets, but it takes a courageous person to confess. (113)

Guilt has a shrinking effect. It shrinks our lives to the size of our greatest failures.

Grace has the opposite effect. gives us the courage to chase the Wild Goose all the way to the ends of the earth. (114)

Jesus reconditioned Peter while the roosters were crowing. (115)
In the same context that Peter failed, when the roosters crowed, Jesus restored him and challenged him to be the Apostle Peter. - My Paraphrase. What does this mean about my failures? Does this mean that Jesus will use the same circumstances, challenges, trials, tests and bring me through it to remind me that in Him I am a success?

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