Thursday, June 03, 2010

Eight Foot Ceilings

Coming out of the cage of assumptions...chapter 4 of Mark Batterson's Wild Goose Chase. Here's my favorite quotes from this chapter.

...we make far to many assumptions about what is and what is not possible in the physical universe. We do the same thing spiritually.

The smartest people are the people who know how much they don't know. Or to put it another way; the smartest people are the people who make the fewest assumptions. [My paraphrase: "Be Smart; Don't Assume"]

...intellectual humility coupled with curiosity drives scientific discovery.

Humility welcomes the challenge because the desire to know god is greater than the need to be right. (75)

[As adults] we lose 119 questions per day. (76)

Faith is theological. is trusting God more than you trust your own assumptions. (79)

Our inexperience leads to another false assumption that keeps us caged. (80)

God loves using us before we feel like we're ready.'ll never be ready. (81)

Don't stay in the cage just because it's never been done that way Before.

We feel unqualified because of something we have not done, can not do, or do not know. (83)

Quit assuming and start believing.

I CAN do everything through (Christ) who gives me strength. (84)

God is able. (85)

But when I pray, the best I can do is no longer the best I can do. The best I can do is the best God can do.

Prayer is one way we overcome our assumptions and escape our space-time limitations. (86)

Sometimes we fail to connect the dots between our faith and God's faithfulness.

When you give beyond your ability, God will bless you beyond your ability. (87)

Abraham is the patron saint of Wild Goose chases. (90)

"People cannot discover new lands until they have the courage to lose sight of the shore." Andre Gide

You have to be willing to go somewhere you've never been or do something you've never done. (91)

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